The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner (Paperback)

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The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner

“Rosenbauer enables the weekend warrior to fish more insightfully.” —Booklist This book, by America’s oldest fishing tackle business, offers beginners a chance to learn the fundamentals of the great sport of fly fishing quickly and easily. The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing can be the start of a lifetime journey of discovery that will increase your intimacy with the natural world and allow you to gain skill and finesse in your fly fishing techniques.Proven teachi (more…)

Fishing Is Easier When You Use A ‘Net

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There is a widespread tendency to think of fishing as an older person’s pursuit, and a hobby from a bygone age. In some people’s minds, it is hard to tally the idea of fishing as a hobby with using the internet for entertainment and information. However, this is a total misconception. For one thing, there are far more “old-style” hobbies which have websites devoted to them, and for another, as an exchange of information the Internet is peerless. Having the web available to you when you are looking for a heads-up on fishing technique will always be helpful.

There are several specialized fishing sites on the Internet, and they take many forms. Some take the approach of a travelogue, noting experiences of an angler who spends time visiting different locations and reporting back on which were good and which simply were not. There are other sites which are specifically informational, and still others which are more social than anything else. Usually these will be forums or message boards, and these can be the best place to look if you wish to ask questions.

If you have concerns over whether you are using the right bait, are looking to buy a better rod but want one that suits the waters you are fishing in, or are looking for a decent location in which to fish, then there is plenty on the Internet for you to check out. You’d be surprised what you can find and some of the information you get will be highly beneficial.

Eat What You Catch?

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It is surprising how few people actually eat the fish that they catch. For many people, hooking and landing a fish is all they want, and when they unhook the – still living – fish, they will return it to the body of water. This may not strike everyone as logical – “if you are humanitarian enough to not want to kill the fish, why are you putting a hook in its mouth”, they will demand. But for some people the thrill of the challenge is enough, and there is no need to go any further.

However, if you do intend to eat the fish you catch, you should be sure what kind of fish live in the body of water you plan to fish. It may be that the available species are not really the kind of fish you want to eat. It is true that everyone has different tastes, but there is no doubt that some tastes are so “out there” that most people will not consider it to be worth the effort of acquiring them. If you can find nearby a fishing location with a fair supply of the kind of fish that you want to eat, then it is all the better for you.

If you are going to eat the fish you catch, it is probably also worth reading up on how to prepare them for cooking. The fish that you hook will not be ready for eating, by a long way, and needs to be cleaned and filleted before you can even think about putting it in your mouth.

Finding The Best Equipment

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When you do something, you want to do it well. It is a natural human attitude – to feel that your experience of something will be improved the better you are at it. and for most people, this is certainly the case. This is why people spend a lot of money on fishing equipment. Some will spend a great deal on something that they don’t even end up using very much. The reason for their doing so is that there is a lot of equipment out there that will enable you to improve your game. When that’s at stake, people will be prepared to push the boat out (pardon the accidental and awful pun).

Good fishing equipment does not need to be expensive, but there is no doubt that some financial outlay will be rewarded with more sophisticated equipment. If you know what you are looking for, then you will be able to find a lot of different variations on the theme – and then comes the time for the comparison shop. Comparison shopping has become hugely popular in recent years as a way of finding the best deal on any product. Not just the best price, but the best value. How well does it do what it does, and is it worth the $10 extra they are asking for? Ask the Internet.

People who know about fishing equipment will often congregate on forums with fishing as their theme. Visit a few of these forums and canvass opinion before going and spending your cash.

How Far Will You Go?

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There are perhaps more fishermen and anglers in the world than there are practitioners of any other sporting pursuit. There are many reasons for this – the peace and quiet that it offers; the fact that you can, ordinarily, eat what you catch; even, in some people’s view, the return to a sort of “hunter-gatherer” mentality. Whatever the reason for going, though, one thing that never ceases to surprise people is how far a committed angler will go on a fishing trip. There are perfectly good streams and rivers in this country, they will argue. Why go half way round the world?

The same people would probably not ask the world’s great botanists and naturalists why they go to Kenya to see tigers or to Norway to see the handsome forests which are there. People like to go fishing in different locations because it provides different fish, different climates, and different experiences. You might just as well ask why people go to foreign countries on holiday. There is a big world out there, and a lot to see. And there are many fish to be caught.

There are also a number of hot spots on the planet where fishing will be rewarded with a more exotic catch, a challenge in terms of landing the larger fish that you catch, or a more peaceful location to cast your line. Whatever your reason for going, there really is a wide range of choice out there, and if you are planning a fishing holiday you should certainly consider spreading your wings somewhat.

After The Fishing, There’s More…

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The skiing fraternity seem to many people as though they have a monopoly on post-hobby fun. In fact, there is a French word – après-ski – which is used to describe a social scene which is present in nigh-on every ski resort in the world. In practice, it generally means drinking a lot of schnapps and dancing to incredibly loud music. Although fishing is perhaps less of an intensely energetic pursuit than skiing, the fishing fraternity still don’t so too badly for an evening’s entertainment.

If you go on a fishing trip, you will usually be located in a fairly rural setting. Although this may not play in most people’s minds, into something which could be considered the height of social enjoyment, it is more or less a rule that every fishing village or small town will have at least one bar which serves good, hearty food and enough beer to sink a small navy. This is something that makes a fishing trip worthwhile even for some of the less committed anglers in your group.

It may be that you don’t want to go out after your afternoon’s work. There is no harm to this, either, and it may be that you will prefer to return to your accommodation and set to preparing the fish you have caught for an evening meal. This is one of the most enjoyable things about fishing – knowing that you have caught and prepared what you are eating. It brings out something primal in a person, which satisfies an urge.

Tales From The Riverbank

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Among the most popular kinds of fishing, the sedate afternoon on the riverbank has to be one of the most enduring. For many people it is fishing the way it should be. Quiet, usually fairly isolated and relaxing, with only a few people there. There are many reasons why this is a good way to enjoy fishing. For one thing, the optimum conditions for fishing necessitate a certain amount of quiet. If things are too noisy, then fish are likely to avoid the area. If there are too many people there, then any fish who do stick around will be spoiled for choice over which bait to take.

But apart from the fact that it provides a better chance of catching something, the isolation of a quiet riverbank has other benefits for an afternoon’s fishing. We’ve all been Christmas shopping during a December weekend. It takes a very strong and determined person to do that and not come home feeling like they want to roll up into a ball and start sucking on their thumb. This is not something that you want from a fishing expedition, which should after all be sedate and pleasant.

Sitting on a riverbank is also pretty much as close as you can get to nature. There is nature flowing right in front of you, hopefully with a lot of nature swimming around in it. There is nature beneath your feet, and there should be some more behind you – riverbanks tend to be close to trees, in most cases. It really is one of the most relaxing pursuits that you can indulge in.

You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away

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There is a popular running joke which is used to gently mock fishermen. It essentially runs that a fisherman who shows off his catch looks apologetic at its relatively small size, and says to their audience “you should have seen the one that got away. It was huge.” Commonly, this joke is expanded upon by the unfortunate angler spreading their arms wide, to demonstrate the length of the fish which, by the fourth telling of the story, has begun to rival Moby Dick in terms of size.

There is a grain of truth in the stereotype, but no more so than that which exists for any hobby. You will always find at least one golfer in any club that you walk into who shows you, by means of putting their thumb and forefinger very close together, how close they were to getting a hole in one. The keen amateur soccer player will talk of a goal they scored which, when they originally hit it, was about ten yards out. By the time they have finished talking about it, they’ll be saying how they were somewhere around the halfway line.

This kind of bravado exists anywhere where there is competition. It is mostly self-mocking in any case, where people jokingly plead with you to believe that they are so good at what they do that they can achieve feats that are beyond the reach of a mere mortal. And frankly, it is what makes most hobbies so much fun. We’d be nowhere without our boasts.

Knowing When To Replace Equipment

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One thing that you can absolutely guarantee about any hobby is that the longer you practice it, the more, and better, equipment you will accumulate. Even if the word “better” is the wrong word to use here, “more sophisticated” would be appropriate. It is unquestionable that the more often you go fishing, the more you will be aware of how additional and more developed equipment will benefit you in terms of catching more and bigger fish. As a consequence, you will become more conscious of the fact that, after a while, equipment needs to be renewed and replaced.

Fishing equipment can be divided roughly into the more permanent items such as rods and reels – which you can use for years, if they are properly maintained – and other items such as line and hooks. The latter equipment needs to be replaced more often, as it is more perishable. Fishing line will become frayed and weakened as time goes on, and hooks will become blunt. These will need to be replaced quite regularly. As a rule, you should have spares in any case. Rods and reels are a different matter, however.

Knowing when the rod you are using has had its day will rely on you being aware that it is giving you less performance. It may be that the rod has been weakened over time by the amount it has to bend in order for you to reel in a fish. A reel may begin to stick somewhat, and you will have to work harder to lad those fish that you hook. Once this has begun to happen, you will need to look at replacing the equipment that is causing the problems. If you don’t want to throw out a faithful old rod, then keep it and use it less regularly.

Catching Fish To Eat

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Although many people eat fish, and many go fishing, there is a surprisingly small subgroup of people who do not put the two together – by eating what they catch. In some communities it is the major reason people go fishing, but in most of the West fishing is viewed more as a leisure pursuit. However, if you happen to be a good angler, and have a plentiful stock of edible fish in your nearby rivers and streams, then it is more than possible to save money on groceries by catching, cleaning, filleting and cooking fish.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that the fish you catch are of a species that is genuinely palatable. Although, in a pinch, you could eat most species of fish there is no doubt that some are far from pleasant to eat. While cod, haddock and plaice among others are universally popular, there are very few people who could really bear to eat – for example – dogfish. Finding edible breeds in your nearby lakes is as simple a matter as checking what species are native to your area and checking out recipes online.

Of course, not everyone is a good cook, and a lot of the important parts of food preparation are in the early stages before the food is even placed in the oven or frying pan. Unlike most meat, fish are full of small bones, and it is important to remove these before attempting to cook the fish. If this is not done, not only will the texture be unpleasant, but swallowed bones can cause problems.

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